World of Warcraft’s player council is trying to diversify its membership by reaching out to female gamers, but the community has taken issue with the idea. Blizzard recently instituted a new corporate culture that favors Activision-Blizzard employees over other developers and publishers for projects like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

The “World of Warcraft attempts to diversify its player council as Microsoft prioritizes Activision-Blizzard corporate culture” is a news article that discusses the current state of World of Warcraft and how Blizzard has attempted to diversify their player council. The article also discusses how Microsoft has prioritized their own company culture over Activision Blizzard’s.

World of Warcraft attempts to diversify its player council as Microsoft prioritizes Activision-Blizzard corporate culture

An eye to be kept.

The World of Warcraft player council has already been created and offered comments, but Blizzard has said that the original roster is not all that the company has planned for the organization. More players have been added to the council, according to a recent post on the official forum, with the purpose of widening the pool of input received and offering a more complete look at various playstyles inside the game. While the venture’s success is still up for dispute, the same release guarantees that additional invitations will be sent over time.

Meanwhile, a recent interview with Microsoft president Brad Smith revealed some fresh details on how Microsoft is approaching Activision-current Blizzard’s harassment issues, with Smith stating flatly that Microsoft wants the firm to prioritize its culture issues and reformation:

We’re counting on Activision Blizzard’s leadership team to make culture and workplace safety a top priority every day until the deal is hopefully closed, at which point we’ll take over and make the same promise.

Smith refused to comment on the future leadership team or Bobby Kotick’s final destiny in the aftermath of the merger, so it’s unclear how much emphasis is being put on the present CEO’s actions in the first place.


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