The game’s developers have made new plans for the first half of 2022, with a focus on temporary modes and changes to the in-game economy. This will not be an event that is exclusive to World of Warships but rather all PC games powered by Wargaming’s TomeNET platform.

The “world of warships” is a multiplayer game in which players compete on ships from the World War II era. The developers have announced plans for new temporary modes, new tech trees, and economy changes in the first half of 2022.

World of Warships plans new temporary modes, new tech trees, and economy changes in first half of 2022


According to a new roadmap update, World of Warships has a lot of content planned from now until the summer, including a basic synopsis of what’s coming for the balance of the winter, as well as the spring and summer seasons.

In addition to new German battleships and Soviet destroyers, the game aims to incorporate Spanish boats for the first time in the winter of this year. Temporary modes include an asymmetrical fight and a dirigible escort operation, as well as a Lunar New Year celebration event.

Italian destroyers will be ready for early access in the spring, and French cruisers will be launched, while supership and submarine testing will continue. The reintroduction of Arms Race, the return of Rogue Wave, and a Battleship-style game mode are among the season’s highlights. Overall upgrades, such as combat training missions for novice players, a new map, and graphic changes, are also in the works.

WoWS brings back the Convoy game mode this summer, as well as plans to celebrate the Fourth of July by launching additional British warships. One of the most intriguing aspects of this section of the roadmap is the game economy, since economic benefits will be separated from signals and camouflages will become their own entity.

Players that are interested should have a look at the roadmap to see what the next few months have in store, since there is a lot to take in.


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