Pitting former Formula One race-car drivers and EA’s latest racing game, Wreckfest , against each other sounds like the crowning achievement of a one-off stunt. But in fact the collaboration between Codemasters and EA has been a long-running project; the result is a game that’s just as much a tribute to the spirit of destruction as it is a serious racer.

Wreckfest is a game that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the destruction derby, a motor racing league that resembles NASCAR, but with a more brutal edge. The races are usually held on closed tracks with no pit crews and you are free to use any vehicles you like, as long as they’re not too powerful.

To be honest, I was never a big Wreckfest fan, but I do love the spirit of destruction. The community has always been one of the best things about the game. While the game itself is mediocre, the community always makes it better.

Six months after the release of the PS5, the demolition matches have already begun. After THQ Nordic joined the PlayStation Plus program in February with Sony’s mind-boggling Destruction All-Stars, it kicks off May with a re-release of Wreckfest with next-gen developer Bugbear. Released two years ago on PS4 and even earlier in Early Access on PC, this chaotic racer arrives refined on PS5, with expanded multiplayer and many improvements. Without a doubt, this is the definitive edition of the game, and if All-Stars didn’t satisfy your need for destruction, Wreckfest will surely fill that void.

Wreckfest Review : Derby’s spirit of destruction continues

word-image-15539 The goal ofWreckfest is to line up and collide with 23 other drivers to earn points for the damage done. For the single player mode, there is an extensive career mode divided into five championships, from regional juniors to world champions. Each stage earns you career points that unlock the next championship, and there’s plenty of variety so you don’t always have to get a high score. Each event also has bonus objectives for which points are awarded. These are usually simple tasks, like breaking three cars or doing the most damage, which encourages you to get creative with breaking other cars. There’s also the traditional race from first to last, but ultimately it’s a racing game without much racing. The main entertainment is the destruction races, where you fight for a limited time to destroy your opponents. For even more humor, the game sometimes requires you to drive fictional vehicles, such as bank cars, lawn mowers, and combine harvesters, which makes the action completely absurd and downright hilarious, especially if you’re playing with friends. word-image-15540 The combat mechanics are simple: They quickly bounce off enemies to reduce their health. Whether it’s a bold punch, a direct kick to the bone, or a final kick into a car wreck to finish it off, points are awarded based on how deadly your maneuver is, which determines your place in the standings. As soon as you are in last place or the time limit is over, the game is over. The game Wreckfest is not a unique concept, but it is better executed than competitors like All-Stars, making it incredibly entertaining. Of course, you’re not immune to harm. Constant bumps reduce your speed and affect important components, such as your car’s suspension and transmission. You can switch difficulty levels to minimize this problem, but Wreckfest offers a difficulty-based EXP multiplier that rewards those who choose the hardest option. EXP depends on target position, total score, and hitting bonus targets; as you level up, you get new car parts like. B. Improved cooling systems. You can add these parts to your garage by modifying existing cars or buying new cars. There are a few cosmetic options here, but more importantly you can install upgrades that improve the car’s acceleration, top speed, cornering, durability and armor. If you prefer to refine your existing system, you can adjust the suspension, gear ratio, differential and brake balance. For those who like to tinker, there are some solid options here, and the system ends up contributing a lot to Bugbear’s winning formula. word-image-15541 So, what’s new in this version ofWreckfest? It turns out it is. The multiplayer mode has been expanded to 24 players online, making matches even more chaotic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer much more than your typical Destruction Derby, and although you can use your alternate vehicles, the single player game remains the main attraction. Also greatly improved, Wreckfest runs in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, has significantly shorter (but still noticeable) load times, and uses haptic feedback. The improvements are not only technical. Wreckfest goes even further with a solid visual change that introduces dynamic mud, improved textures and better ambient lighting. The game didn’t look the best before, but it definitely has a better visual aesthetic now. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the soundtrack, which is a strange mix of rock, screamo and EDM. Finally, owners of previous PS4 versions won’t have a free upgrade option, but unlike some games, such as the recent PS5 version of Judgment, the PS5 version is available at a discount if you haven’t already purchased the game through PlayStation Plus (the game leaves the service on May 31 as a free game).

Wreckfest Review – TheConclusion



  • Robust career mode
  • The basic gameplay is very addictive.
  • Large automatic setting
  • Smooth operation
  • Enhanced visual effects with 4K resolution


  • The loading time is still sensitive
  • The multiplayer mode won’t interest you for long.
  • No free update for PS4 owners

All in all, if you want to have fun wrecking cars, Wreckfest is a good choice. Sure, this game isn’t quite designed for the PS5 like Destruction All-Stars, , but the basic idea is executed much better. It’s not perfect, with some flaws in the multiplayer, odd load times, and a surprisingly vulgar soundtrack, but ultimately Bugbear has done a good job of improving the game for the next-gen. That’s why we recommend it. [Note: The PlayStation Plus version of Wreckfest was used for this test].We are delighted to announce that Wreckfest has now moved on to the spirit of destruction derby, where speed takes precedence over stability and it all comes down to one thing: who will be the last man standing.. Read more about is wreckfest worth it and let us know what you think.

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