June’s Xbox Games with Gold for the Gold members will include four Xbox One games, and four Xbox 360 games.   Xbox One games include:    Terraria Xbox 360 games include:    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons    Sonic Generations    Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

A brand new month means a brand new batch of free Xbox games for Xbox One owners! Unfortunately, these are digital games, meaning you still have to download them on your Xbox One console. As always, Game with Gold for June brings a pair of free games that you can try out for free during the month of June. For June, Xbox is working with four different developers to bring some exciting new Xbox games to the Xbox Store.

Xbox Games with Gold for June 2021 will include a total of 16 games and offers. The full list is below: Xbox Games with Gold for June 2021 Xbox Game Pass PC Xbox Game Pass Play First Trial Xbox Game Pass Play First Trial with The Elder Scrolls Online Xbox Game Pass Play First Trial with Fire Emblem – Heroes Xbox Game Pass Play First Trial with Disgaea 5 Complete Xbox Game Pass Play First Trial with Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers Xbox Game Pass Play First Trial with Disgaea PC Xbox Game Pass Play First Trial with Rocket League Xbox Game Pass Play First Trial with Rocket League – Exclusive Monster T-Shirt Xbox Game Pass Play First Trial with Rocket League – Exclusive Monster Hoodie

Home News Xbox Games with Gold Lineup for June 2021. word-image-16309 Microsoft has announced the list of free Xbox Games with Gold games for June 2021 for Xbox Live Gold / Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Watch the Game of Gold trailer for Xbox for June 2021:

. Xbox – Games with gold in June 2021 To quote the official Xbox Wire site The June games with gold offer has arrived! On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, experience immersive gameplay in The King’s Bird, and decide to save the world or plunge into disaster in Shadows: . Rev . And for our classic lineup with backwards compatibility, play classic character fighting games in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, and blur the traditional lines between good and evil among your favorite superheroes in Injustice: . Gods Among Us . Xbox Live Gold members will get exclusive access to these games for a limited time through the Games with Gold program. This includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, who get all the great benefits of Gold and access to over 100 premium games with Xbox Game Pass. This award-winning art game features a physics and motion-based platform adventure. Escape to a world kept secret by a tyrant and learn the truth about your freedom. Take on the role of a demon summoned from the phantom realm to devour the souls of long-dead heroes. With an exciting storyline and challenging gameplay, find out who’s boss….. The demon or the souls it devours? The best fighters are waiting for you. With a variety of original heroes and unique, timeless characters, unlock this team battle against all your favorite NeoGeo warriors under one roof. From the creators ofMortal Kombat, iconic DC Comics characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more face off in epic battles. A great, realistic original story – see what happens when our greatest heroes become our greatest threat. This is an additional game still available in the free-to-play program in May 2021.

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word-image-5888The lineups for this months Xbox Games with Gold are now available and are just as awesome as ever. There is no way to list all of the games here, but you can get an idea of what’s to come. If you missed any of the games you can still download them through Xbox Game Pass. If you are looking for even more games to play this month, you have a full month of Xbox Game Pass on us. Link to Xbox Game Pass: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/games-with-gold-xbox-game-pass/. Read more about xbox free games with gold june 2021 and let us know what you think.

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