Okay, so, the title kind of gives it away, but this short, made by a group of students in the UK, recently premiered at the BAFTA awards and is now available for public viewing. The short is a dynamic action story about a zombie who has awakened from his grave and is interested in spreading the undead’s evil on the streets of London.

This week saw the release of a very short animated short film entitled “Zombie Army: Legion of the Dead”. The film is a part of a larger project called “Zombie Army”, which is a trilogy of 3 animated shorts based on the games Zombie Army Trilogy.

Zombie Army: Legion of the Dead follows a well-known hero from the Zombie Army franchise. Hero is captured by the opposing army and must prove he is worthy to be freed.

Zombie-Army-Legion-of-the-Dead-Gamers-Heroes Rebellion VFX has produced the animated short Legion of the Dead’s Zombie Army, which was created utilizing in-game engines and materials.

Viewers will be able to follow Shola and Boris from the Alpha Squad as they go on a mission that follows parallel to the narrative of the Zombie Army video game series.

The following is a link to a video of the short:

Zombie Army: Legion of the Dead

You can see the making-of film here:

How “Zombie Army: Legion of the Dead” Came to Be

The following is what He Sun, the Head of Rebellion VFX, had to say:

“The ZOMBIE ARMY short video is something we are very proud of. It demonstrates a novel method of working by repurposing existing materials and using video game engines to enable a new type of narrative. Fans of the Zombie Army series will likely like the new short film. It is entirely up to the creatives to decide how they will utilize these tools. They may either design something that fits in with the current stories or something totally new and different. As a creator, the immediacy of the process is really amazing. You would normally have to wait hours, if not days, to view your renderings, but the beauty of working with a game engine is that you can do anything in real time. This enables you to modify and iterate as needed to get the ideal result.”

Rebellion’s CEO, Jason Kingsley, added:

“Rebellion VFX has developed and shown an amazing tool that can be used not just to produce final releasable material, but also to pre-visualize and pitch ideas. When compared to conventional techniques, the procedure is very rapid and cost-effective. Rebellion VFX’s crew is already utilizing this technology on a number of projects, including video games, cinema, and television. This applies not just to Rebellion’s own IP and licensing, but also to third parties in the entertainment sector as a whole. The options are limitless, and the quality will only get better with time.”

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Zombie Army: Legion of the Dead Animated Short Released

Casey Scheld posted this in News less than a minute ago.

Rebellion VFX has produced the animated short Zombie Army: Legion of the Dead, which was created utilizing in-game engines and materials.

Dying Light Low Gravity Event Announced

Casey Scheld posted this in News less than a minute ago.

Low Gravity forces from outer space will besiege Harran in the next episode of Techland’s Dying Light.

Kart Krash Now in GTA Online

Casey Scheld posted this in News less than a minute ago.

Kart Krash: Full Auto, a new weaponized go-kart mode in Rockstar Games’ GTA Online, is now available.

Cyberpunk Isometric RPG Gamedec Launching September 16

Casey Scheld posted this in News 17 hours ago.

The universe of Anshar Studios’ Gamedec is scheduled to launch on September 16, 2021, after being funded in only 36 hours on Kickstarter.

Zombie Army: Legion of the Dead Animated Short Released: The Zombie Army: Legion of the Dead animated short was released today by Digital Homicide Studios. It is a short film about an undead army of undead zombies that have taken over the whole world. That’s why you see them in every city, zombie army, legion of the dead, animated, short, released, world, Vimeo, Youtube, video, rental, purchase, rental. Read more about army of the dead series and let us know what you think.

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